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Cast Iron moves to the new offices and the new lab is now active. All lab tests take place inhouse. Cast Iron aspires the ISO 9001 certificate.

Cast Iron moves to the new buildings. All patterns (+/- 5.000) are stored in the new 1.400 m² models-warehouse.

The foundry has changed its name to Cast Iron. The company is making important investments in process improvements and the environment. Cast Iron focuses on the production of cast iron of all qualities, for larger pieces in medium-sized runs.

The capacity is being extended and the processes are being automated further. The machine moulding bay makes pieces up to 200 kg and the hand moulding bay makes pieces up to 6,000 kg.

The foundry is making important investments in automation and environment-friendly production techniques. Equal amounts of nodular and lamellar cast iron are produced.

Expanding activities to include high quality mechanical cast iron and critical components for coaches and HGVs.

The foundry now produces lamellar or grey cast iron and also nodular, acid-resistant and heat-resistant cast iron.

The foundry is moving to a new factory in Beerse. The working area now amounts to 15,000 m². Start-up of a new iron foundry with two production lines: a machine casting bay up to 75 kg and a hand casting bay up to 4,000 kg.

Start-up of a production line for mechanical cast iron.

Extending the company activities to include castings for roadworks.

Exclusive supplier of castings for steamships in the port of Antwerp.

Establishment of the Iron & Copper foundry in Turnhout.

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