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Terms & conditions

Read the following conditions carefully. Visiting this website implies the fact that you have read, understood and accepted these conditions.

Liability disclaimer

Cast Iron gives no guarantee whatsoever with regard to the accuracy or completeness of information consulted on this system or exchanged via this system, nor that such information is the latest, updated version;

Cast Iron emphatically declines any and all liability for the content of this website, including but not limited to any implicit guarantee of satisfactory quality or fitness for any particular purpose, or arising from the fact that a person - e.g. when making any decision or taking any action - may have relied upon information contained in these pages;

Cast Iron accepts no responsibility or liability, explicit or implicit, for the use of the system;

Cast Iron is in no way liable for:

  • links to other websites;
  • the content of other websites - regardless of whether it is a website that has brought you to this Cast Iron website or a website that you have visited from the Cast Iron website;
  • the consequences of actions based on the content of other websites.

Distributing information

The data on this site is used for information purposes only and it is under no circumstances the intention to distribute it in any jurisdiction in which it might be forbidden or limited. It is the users’ responsibility to be aware of such limitations and act accordingly.


Users who consult the information on these pages waive the right to make a complaint, of any nature, with regard to the use of the information made available by the system, regardless of whether such complaints are made against Cast Iron or against any other body that has provided the system with information.


Furthermore the user agrees to accept all risks resulting from the information consulted on these pages and linked to the use of this system (and to waive any complaint against Cast Iron or against any body that provides the system with information), including the risk that computers, software or data being damaged by any virus that has resulted from the system or is a consequence of the fact that the user has consulted the system, could be transmitted or activated.

Commercial aspects

Cast Iron has no intention, under any jurisdiction, directly or indirectly, of making any publicity or entering into any contractual relationship using the medium of the pages on this website.


Any dispute relating to this website and/or its content is governed by Belgian law and shall be subject to the exclusive authority of the Courts of Antwerp.

Possible conflicts

All pages on this website are governed by the following conditions. These conditions are an addition to the conditions that govern the access to and/or use of the Cast Iron website and which are also applicable for the access to and/or the use of the Cast Iron website. In the case of any conflict between the previous conditions and the conditions included on the Cast Iron website, the conditions given on this site shall have precedence with regard to the questions regulated here.

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